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Projects include:

SEO content (geo-targeted when requested) for websites, articles, blog posts, press releases

Research-based horticultural articles

​Scientific/technical papers

Business & career research and reports

Gardening columnist for monthly magazine

Product reviews

Associated Press (AP) writing style, when requested


Landscapes: Basics of Landscape Design

​Backyard Wildlife: Where is the Best Place to Hang a Hummingbird Feeder?, How to Make a Butterfly Puddling Pool

Interiorscapes: Trees & Plants for Inside, Begonia Houseplant Care Instructions 

Waterscapes: Unique Backyard Water Features: Bubbling Fountains, Disappearing Waterfalls, Rain Chains

Floriculture: Different Types of Hydrangeas, Different Kinds of Wave Petunias, Characteristics of Daylilies

Gold Medal Plants: Gardeners Find Gold in Cobb County (Georgia)

Agriculture: What Type of Corn Plants Make Popcorn?Can You Grow Popcorn Alongside Sweet Corn?, The Best Vegetables to Grow in a Raised Bed

Viticulture: Types of Muscadine Grapes, The Differences Between Muscadines & Scuppernongs

​Tools & Lawn Equipment: Lawn Mower Attachment for Making Stripes Like a Baseball Field​​​​​​​​​​

Phytopathology: The Best Fungicide for Orchids

Soil: Types of Sensors to Measure the Moisture of Soil, How to Test Soil pH with pH Paper

Compost: The Effect of Compost on Tomatoes

Mulch: What is Mulch Used for in Flower Gardens?

Organic Gardening: How is 20 Mule Team Borax Used in Organic Gardening? How to Use Banana Peels as an Organic Fertilizer

Lawns: How to Make a Yard Ready for Grass Seed, How to Keep Grass Seeds from Washing Down a Hill

Greenhouses: Examples of Greenhouse Plants, DIY Greenhouse Monitoring, Fungus Gnats in a Greenhouse

Irrigation: Tips for Watering with a Soaker HoseComponents of Drip Irrigation

Grafting: Examples of Plant Grafting, Grafting Techniques for Greenhouse Tomatoes

Pruning: How to Prune a Loropetalum Shrub

Pests, Weeds, Problems: Crape Myrtle ProblemsDoes Roundup Control Nutsedge?

What are Four Benefits of an Operating Budget?

Planning: How to Write a Business Plan for Landscaping
How to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan for a Horticultural Firm
Five-Star Interviewing Process
Defining Career ObjectivesCareers in Turf ManagementFloriculture CareersEco-Tourism Careers


As a ghostwriter for many business projects (websites, articles, blog posts, ad copy), I relinquish author credit to my clients.

Some titles I've ghostwritten (among hundreds); hyperlinks not provided for the following to honor ghostwriting ethics:


HVAC​ Systems: "Maintaining Your HVAC System: Easy Things You Can Do To Prevent Problems and Boost Efficiency"

HVAC Ratings: “What do AFUE, SEER and HSPF mean for your system?” 

Radiant Heating: "Radiant Heating -- Efficiency and Aesthetics in One Tidy Package"

Ventilation Systems:​ The Difference Between a Heat-Recovery Ventilation System and an Energy-Recovery System

Geothermal: “Your Geothermal System: Evaluating the Geology, Hydrology and Size of Your Site”

Solar Energy: “How Site, Design and Heating Requirements Factor into Your Solar Decision”

​Environmental: "Pond Slope Stabilization Methods"

​Structural: "Silent Floor Joist Specifications"

Energy Efficiency: "How Landscaping Can Significantly Impact Your Energy Savings"

Indoor Air Quality: "Indoor Air Quality Managed with These Three Steps"

​Water Heaters: "Tankless Water Heater or Storage Water Heater -- Which is Right for You?"

Insulation: "An Insulation Primer: The Six Key Areas That Need Your Attention:

​Wells: "Basic Well Plumbing and Pressure Tank Maintenance"

Boilers: "The Basics of Boiler and HRSG Design"

​Paving: "Driveway Resurfacing Using Rubber Paving"

Sewer: "What is a Sewage Ejector System in a Basement?"

Plumbing: "How Plumbing Hardware Works"

Septic: "Types of Septic Drainfields"


Press releases for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon


Asset-based lending

Factoring loans

​Working capital loans


​Blog posts and ad copy for clothing, shoes, accessories


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