Hummingbird Joy

 …the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in 

the storm...                                             Nahum 1:30


As I looked out my kitchen window, I saw the storm

raging outside. It seemed to echo the storm that was

raging in my life. Grief, despair and fatigue buffeted

me like the driving rain was buffeting my flowers. 


In the dogwood tree just outside my window, I saw

a tiny hummingbird. She seemed oblivious to the storm. Instead of huddling on a branch next to the tree trunk where she would be protected, she was sitting way out on the end of a branch, clutching a tiny twig.


Hanging on for dear life, this delicate bird was being
pelted by the heavy rain and tossed to and fro by the high winds blowing through the tree. Why wasn’t 
she seeking safety? Worried about her, I looked closer.


She was not bowing her head under the assault of

the storm and covering her head with her wings, but instead she was looking up. Holding her wings outstretched and fluffing her feathers, she was allowing the storm to bathe her. Lightning flashed, thunder crashed and the rain poured down; but she
remained steadfast. 


God, make me like that tiny hummingbird. Give me courage in the midst of life’s storms, strength to hold on, and joy in each storm’s cleansing. Help me to look up when I am downhearted and give me peace.


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